Fuglsøcentret - Memory Lane Rock Museum

Memory Lane Rockmuseum at Fuglsøcentret (The Fuglsø Centre)

The museum focuses on musical and youth life from the 1950s until today.

MEMORY LANE ROCKMUSEUM is the first  rock-, pop- og youth museum in Denmark.

Come and see things from and subjects about, for example, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jørgen de Mylius, Elvis, Abba, Queen, Sweet, Michael Jackson, The Hitmakers, Gasolin’, Walkers, Tøsedrengene, Aqua, EyeQ and 'all of the others' from home and abroad. From the past, see young people’s clothing, film and concert posters, record discs, youth books, pop magazines, musical equipment, things from teenagers’ rooms, youth rebellion, hippies, the Provo counterculture movement, about love life, etc.


Also here are outfits from several well-known bands and a little section on the Melodi Grand Prix – and top Danish music with, among other things, Keld Heick’s winner’s diploma from 1984. Also enjoy our large special section with fine old radios, tape recorders, gramophones and TV sets. The rock collection belongs to collector/rock historian Poul Nowack and the radio collection to Per Rasmus Møller.


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